Builds relationships with which we collectively build projects.

Development Services

Renewable Energy (Hydro, Solar and Wind)

Water and Water Purification Systems

Airport Development and Construction

Mining Development

Agriculture Development

Levy and Dam Construction

Health Facilities from Small Clinics to major Hospitals

Low Income, Affordable Housing

Oil and Gas Projects

Infrastructure Projects (ie Roads Bridges Sewers and Sewage Disposal)

University and School Construction and Development

Construction of government buildings and facilities

We are in position to secure 50 -100% project financing for all projects that are approved by the central government and meet underwriting requirements. All transactions require the protection of lender and measures to insure project timely completion.

ADO’s expertise in planning, organizing and delivering projects and assembling requirements of funding sources will enable project development in infrastructure, energy, housing, hospitals, airports and transportation systems.

To commence the process of identifying funding and planning the project, an example of what ADO requires can include:

1. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

2. An executed contract

3. Sovereign letter of Guarantee from t he President, Central Bank and authorized Financial Ministry

Expertise We Offer

Design, Financial Engineering, Asset Management, Team Building.


project teams coordinate in a collaborative physical and virtual environment.

develops financial vehicles and business plans to launch telecommunication and other development sectors

develops frameworks for delivering large scale housing programs

develops mining partnerships with communities to benefit from their resources.

partners with Electricity providers and entrepreneurs to deliver diverse energy solutions

provides Master Planning Services to help articulate the vision of leadership

empowers communities and citizens in joining economic progress