Brigadier General (Ret) Edwin Vincent
Chief Administrative Officer

Role: As chief administrative officer, Gen. Vincent is responsible for the administrative and risk management operations of the company, which include the development of an administrative and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to allow the company to function seamlessly with regard to international compliance standards, human resources and company administrative functions.

Brigadier General (Ret) Vincent recently retired as the Assistant, Strategic Planning and Policy, US Pacific Command, where he developed and implemented United States national security policy in the Asia-Pacific region and guided United States military engagement with the armed forces of the 36 nations in the Command's area of responsibility.  After his military retirement, Mr. Vincent founded Soft Power Solutions (SPS) whose purpose is to continue advancing these efforts as a private industry partner.

In those roles he led over 30 flag officer-level bilateral events to include break though engagements in India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the nations of Oceania. His efforts resulted in transnational solutions that improved disaster response, targeted transnational crime, and enhanced international partnerships. In one instance, he coordinated efforts between the Nations of Oceania to mitigate the effects of rising sea states and recover from natural disasters.  

Process were adopted as part of the Asia-Pacific’s Multi-National Force Standard Operating Procedures (MNF-SOP) for disaster management; a document adopted by 18 of our Pacific partner nations.  He also led the development of related military doctrine and personally briefed then Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to validate new concepts.  

As a private industry partner, Mr. Vincent and his team has traveled throughout the Pacific and Middle-East in support of security cooperation, community resilience, and disaster management.  In another instance, he responded to requests for help to mitigate the effects of the 2011 millennium floods in Pakistan’s Singh Valley. Mr. Vincent facilitated the collaboration between industries, Singh Agricultural University, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), National Disaster Management Agency, religious leaders, and communities.  

As a result, twenty-four (24) public-private partnerships were created effectively mitigating the effects on an agricultural community of over 7 million.  Mr. Vincent was awarded the Outstanding Service Award from the Minister of Overseas Pakistan for his efforts and invited as a guest speaker on Pakistan’s National Radio and television.  His team is also developing the US Army’s Center for Excellence for Disaster Management.  His SPS team currently conducts domestic and international training sessions at home and abroad. At any one time you will find SPS teams conducting six to seven domestic natural disaster exercises and training across the US.