Harry Graham
Executive Vice President Infrastructure Services

Role: As the executive vice president of infrastructure services, Harry Graham manages and directs the corporate delivery of engineering infrastructure services for the company. His priorities include strategic planning, design services, quality assurance and problem resolution. The executive vice president of infrastructure must deliver design and construction services to meet company objectives, partner with management and develop systems and controls to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Harry Graham is a seasoned professional with 25 years experience in transportation and infrastructure development. He most recently managed all activities related to a local metro Atlanta county government SPLOST Program’s project development process. He coordinated with county commissioners, COO, DCOO and various county departments to develop project budgets and schedules.

Harry managed the creation of unique and specific project scopes based on commissioner approved project budgets and works parallel and in tandem with the county’s procurement office to issue RFP’s for facility design services. Received, reviewed and scored consultant proposals to provide a recommendation to the procurement office and ultimately for county commissioners for consultant selection.

He assisted in consultant contract negotiations; Managed the architectural facility design process including contract invoicing leading to a full set of construction documents; Assisted in the coordination of the RFB bid process; Received, reviewed and scored contractor bid submittal to provide a recommendation to the procurement office and ultimately county commissioner’s approval; Provided support for contractor contract negotiations; Managed the construction process, including invoicing, through closeout and owner occupation. Additionally; he directed studies and programs relating to transportation and transportation design, airport facilities, environmental issues, and community impact.

Harry was responsible for providing assistance to surrounding communities in establishing land use controls, and performs other duties as required to achieve positive, continual growth. He supervises the execution of construction and professional services contracts; oversee contract compliance. Planning and Organizing: Conceives and develops various strategies relating to transportation and traffic operations, airports, utilizes appropriate federal policy and local regulations, zoning ordinances, guidelines, and design dimensions in the planning and conduction of studies performed; confers with governmental officials, transportation and aviation professionals, private developers, and consultants to effectively coordinate project progression.

Harry also served as District Traffic Operations Manager for Georgia Department of Transportation where he managed the Operations and Signal Units of the Districts 7 and 3 Traffic Sections. His responsibilities included planning, annual budgeting and logistic alignments. These units are primarily responsible for conducting District wide traffic engineering analyses for 31 counties in middle Georgia, signal timing/phasing studies, computerized roadway analysis, computerized monitoring and control of signal operation and timing, safety enhancement reviews, citizen complaint investigations, and speed zone/radar ordinance coordination.