History and Company Overview

The Africa Development Organization’s (ADO) central premise of development arose from a series of meetings beginning in April 2013, orchestrated by John Keita of Brooklyn NY.

He assembled Ambassadors, Associates of Sitting Heads of State of a number of several African Nations, and the African Development Organization’s founders to formulate strategies to fund and launch transformational projects and economic activities that would improve the standard of living and wellbeing of every man, woman and child women child of the region.

The relationships formed were committed to look at each opportunity’s challenge and determine how to structure and generate the greatest redeeming value for the respective countries. With this at the heart of thought, the dignitaries and ADO’s team of experts in Engineering, Architecture, Construction, Program Management, Operations and Maintenance, Financing and Aeronautics coalesced to tackle the challenge.

Not only were the technical requirements important, but the team’s heart had to be committed to the people of Africa and sound principles of development.

ADO, its partners and officials made the collective commitment committed to cooperatively work in strategic ways to help the citizens rise above generational poverty and facilitate their taking ownership of their respective nations. This effort will be achieved through the creation of large and small- scale ventures, capital and sustainable economic economy activity.

ADO’s approach is to combine building viable projects using financial tools, human capital and natural resource commitments that respects the environment and works for the benefit of the people. Without corruption or exploitation, our projects would have to bring big ideas to life by harnessing technology, information, team building and ethical conduct in the delivery of project success and profitability.


Positively influence global communities through designed environments championing and  empowering our clients, their countries and our colleagues.



To work with the various Nations of Africa to advance infrastructure development, stimulate commerce, and develop self-sustaining communities utilizing the harvesting of National Resources in a way that is both considerate of the environment and at the same time will maximize the benefits to all peoples of each nation.




Integrity -----Do what is right; honor commitments.
  Quality -----Be attentive; provide excellent service and product deliverables.
  Balance --- Work smart; maintain a balance of healthy personal and professional perspectives.
  Family Culture -----Foster work relationships: embrace Company history; Recognize, respect and value personalities of all individuals.
  Relationships -----Respect others; be responsive; embrace shared responsibility; foster personal connection.
  Hard Work ----Be disciplined, productive and efficient; do what it takes; own your job, your assignments and your projects.
  Entrepreneurial Spirit -----Encourage innovation; Support self-starters; embrace new ideas.


ADO’s shared leadership is comprised of its core executive team and management committee.
The talents of linked leadership and representatives provides projects our
multi-disciplinary strengths focused on implementation and success.


Chief Executive Office


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Financial Officer

Edwin A. (Skip) Vincent

Chief Administrative Officer

Ronald J. Hubbard, AIA

Senior Executive Vice President Program Management Services


Executive Vice President Investor and Financial Relations

Harry Graham

Executive Vice President Infrastructure Services

Eny Umanah

Executive Vice President Design Project Services


Executive Vice President Government Relations

Myong Tony Shin

President Energy Division


Vice President Public Relations

Herb Clemmons

Director Structured Finance & Investor Relations

Hank Randolph

Director Construction Management



Central Africa Public Relations Attaché

Seydou Diakite

West Africa Public Relations Attaché

Birane Ndour

West Africa Public Relations Business Coordinator

Maria da Conceição Nobre Cabral

Central - West – East Africa Public Relations Business Coordinator

Abdul Fall

Senegal Public Relations Business Coordinator

Aissi Sylvanus Angelo

Benin, Lome, Niger – Vice President Investor Relations

Martial Rutin

Vice President of Finance / Investor relations

Yacine Bouchelaghem

Representative for France and North Africa

Osman Kisiri

Financial Analyst and Mining Specialist

ZARA Sougui Guirside

Chad Public Relations Business Coordinator